Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Special Gift

This was my first attempt at making a glitter house.  For the past few years I have tried to come up with a unique gift for our friends and neighbor.  Each year they say there is no way I can top the last year's gift.  I just love giving homemade items for gifts.  They are so personal.  When we gave it to them she cried with joy and thanked and thanked me.  Her hubby was out back tinkering around in his garage so he was not there when she received it.  He came in and thought she had sent a picture of their house away and paid to have it made.  I really was not sure I could even recreate their house and make it look like theirs and I was out of ideas other than this for this year.  But this ended up being so much fun for our family as well because we got to watch it transform every evening as I worked on it and my hubby and I would drive by in our vehicle and snap pictures of their place and hope we didn't get caught.   I really had a hard time parting with it because it was my first one and I loved it.  It definitely was a fun Christmas for our family.

I will try to locate a picture of their actual house and post it here so you can compare for yourself. 
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Your visits are much appreciated.  I hope you had a fun Christmas as well.  Have a happy New Year and my God Bless Everyone of You.


  1. You are so thoughtful to make a replica of your neighbor's home...what a treasure for them! What did you use as the main base for the house and for the embellishments?

  2. Hi Miss Kitty. Thanks for commenting. I used a paper Mache house from Hobby Lobby that has square holes for the windows to get started but I covered the house sides all the way around with heavy cardstock because I wanted to put my own windows on so it would look like their house. I also took off the chimney and the offsets that are on the front roof and made my own roof out of corrugated cardboard that I peeled back to look like a tin roof. I also used heavy cardstock to make the addition onto the left side of the house. I used heavy cardstock to make their swing and I used a necklace chain for the chains for the swing. I found the miniature bench at Hobby Lobby and the dog online. I hot glued everything. I painted it and added snow I bought in containers by Aleen's from Pat Catans. I glittered the whole thing. I made a porch floor and roof out of cardstock and used dowel rods for the porch post. I found the dump truck in the toy section at Wal Mart. It was yellow so I painted it red to look like theirs. I should have taken pictures of the steps. I plan to make another one so I will post it when I get it done. I will post the picture of the paper Mache house though so you can see it. I used a paper Mache box top for the base under the house also. Hope this helps.

    1. Wow! That sounds like a lot of work! Like a miniature version of "Fixer Upper" on HGTV. Great job! Thanks for posting the picture too.

    2. LOL. Yea it was a lot of work but sure was fun for my family to see it transform each evening as I worked on it.