Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thoughts of Spring

Every year after Christmas is over I start to think about Spring and I look forward to the seed catalogs arriving in the mail come January/February.  Looking through garden catalogs in the winter and planning my garden on paper helps me get through the winter months here in Ohio. Here is a pic from this past summer that I took of our repurposed bird bath.  I was tired of cleaning the nasty water all the time so I had my hubby drill holes in the bottom of it and I filled it with dirt and planted a fairy garden instead.  I was real pleased with how it came out and surprised at how well the plants grew for all the more dirt that was in it.  I wanted to winter it over in the house but it was so heavy to lift off of the base that I decided to let it go.  Next summer I hope to come up with a way to bring it in so I don't have to buy new plants each year.  If there are any of you who are into fairy gardens I would love to see some pictures of what you have created.

Take care and Happy New Year

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  1. That's really cute! When the previous owners of our house moved out, they left a big concrete bird bath in the yard. At first I was glad to have it but it was so heavy that it was hard to clean out and not get yucky. I finally sold it at a yard sale and was glad to see it go.I should have done what you did and make it into a fairy garden.